About Bianquis'

Bianca Verbera aka "Bianquis",  has been making jewelry for well over a decade, beginning when she was in high school. Since then, the Bay Area-born designer has created contemporary collections that are inspired by her matrilineal ancestry and the bad ass women in her life. 

"The jewelry I make  unifies the past, present, and future; commemorative to the chingona women in my family." -Bianca Verbera

In fact, "Bianquis" is a nickname her grandmother, Luisa, calls her by. Using a combination of up-cycled craftsmanship and  modern techniques, the vintage-beaded articles and metal designs are inspired by diverse sources, such as celestial bodies, the afterlife,  pre-Hispanic legends, matriarchs in Bianca's family, punk and goth subcultures, childhood memories and dreams.